HP Laptop Error Code 601 | Get A Hassle-Free Service

For many years, HP laptop has won million hearts for its excellent performance. But, if the HP laptop battery life is miserable, then it becomes a significant problem. Therefore, you won’t be able to work on your laptop anymore. However, if you have encountered  HP laptop error code 601, immediately connect with us at our technical support for HP laptop.

HP Laptop Error Code 601 | A Genuine Solve

While you turn on your HP laptop, you may notice that your system is showing an unexpected error and the booting process stops. The display flashes an HP Laptop Error Code 601   message. Yes, it is nothing but the battery issue.

Sometimes, you may see that you have connected your HP laptop through the adapter and the battery power icon is showing “Charging.” If you remove the charger pin, your PC shows a low battery power! It happens due to poor battery performance.

This Error code generates due to low battery performance. While your HP laptop battery loses the effectiveness of holding the charge, it happens.

You may update and modify the BIOS settings. Sometimes, the basic settings may create the difficulty in HP laptop external battery.

Beside this, you may check if the battery works with another HP laptop or not. If you see the battery is still not working,  feel free to contact us for instant support.

Solution For Error 601 | Generic Solutions

Follow the solutions below to fix the HP laptop error code 601.

Solution 1:

First, disconnect your HP laptop from the power supply. After that, switch off your PC and remove the battery. Secondly, hold the power button for 20-25 seconds. Thirdly, insert the battery again into the laptop and reconnect your PC with the plug point. Finally, turn the system on and verify if the error 601 persists or not.

Solution 2:

First, reboot your HP system and hit the “Esc” key from keyboard to open the “Startup Menu”.

Secondly, in the Startup Window, you have to press the F2 key to launch the “Battery Test” option. Finally, the Battery manger Wizard Window will open and then you can manage the battery from this section.

If you are still fed up with the Laptop battery issues and getting HP laptop error code 601,  you may connect with us as soon as possible.

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