How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49?

Fixed HP Printer Error Code 49

Errors that occur at the moment of printing have become very common nowadays. On that basis, at the moment of printing any document or file with your HP printer, you may obtain some hp printer error code 49. The main reason for this error occurrence is the absence of communication between the desktop and the laptop. This problem may also be caused by related file mistakes. In addition, invalid transactions, corrupted data, invalid point orders and much more are going to cause mistakes.

HP Printer Error Code 49 Causes:

The main reason for this occurrence of hp printer error code 49 is the absence of communication between the desktop and the laptop. The main causes are

  • Damaged information transfer
  • Invalid print commands
  • Registry errors
  • Invalid operations

Data corruption will occur owing to the incidence of electrical noise in your HP printer. Poor connections and parallel wires of low quality will also result in mistakes. Below is a solution for fixing HP printer error code 49.

Steps to Repair HP Printer Error Code 49:

The HP Printer Error Code 49 can be repaired in two steps. The two steps are the printer calibration and the registry clean-up.

  1. Calibrate The Printer:
  • To avoid the mistake from occurring frequently and to protect your printer, these procedures should be used:
  • On the printer, press Cancel Job to cancel the memory print task.
  • Turn off the printer and switch on the printer again.
  • Attempt to print from an alternative programming application a document or file.
  • Return to the main implementation when the activity prints and take a stab to print an alternative document.
  • If the communication appears only with a particular print job or application for programming, contact the item merchant for assistance.
  • Disconnect all connections to the printer associated with the device or computer if the interaction continues with different programming apps and printing apps.
  • Turn off the printer
  • Remove the entire DIMMS memory or any other third party DIMMS from the printer.
  • Remove all EIO gadgets from your PC
  • The one you need to switch on the printer.
  • If no additional mistakes have been found, install each of the EIO and DIMMS gadgets in turn, ensuring that the printer is turned off and back on as you can install each gadget.
  • Alternate an EIO or DIMM gadget if you think the error code 49 could be caused.
  • Also, ensure that all connections that interface the printer with the device or PC are connected.
  • In the event of an mistake, alternate the DIMM firmware.
  • Alternate the formatter to calibrate the printer.
  • And you can see calibration now.
  1. Clean Out the Registry

This method is an significant component of ensuring the safety of your PCs and it works throughout. The registry is generally an expansive Windows framework database that stores imperative settings and decisions that your PC needs to perform.

This portion of your PC is a fundamental storage space for all of your framework’s vital parts. Shockingly, the registry often creates a big amount of mistakes in your system, as it is persistently damaged and contaminated, leading to mistakes like error code 49 being demonstrated by Windows. You can download the registry cleaner to fix all your error problems on the HP printer.