Fastest Solutions For HP Laptop Speakers Crackling

After updating Windows, you can encounter HP laptop speakers crackling at high volume. Your laptop speakers can make a distorted sound every time you power it on.  A weird sound from the speakers can be very annoying for you. It is a sign that some problem is going inside the speaker that is gradually damaging it.

Therefore, our HP Support Team has prepared this article to give you an idea of the erratic behavior of the laptop speaker. Besides, our professional team has engineers to assist you if you require expert support.

Causes Of HP Laptop Speakers Crackling

  • Faulty audio speaker settings are one of the reasons behind this problem.
  • Speakers can also crack because of outdated drivers.
  • Hardware can interfere with the laptop speakers and generate unwanted sound.
  • A problem with the sound processor of your laptop can cause HP laptop speakers crackling. The stereo audio from the laptop’s software may make this kind of noise.
  • If you keep your laptop close to an electronic device, it conflicts with the laptop’s speakers.
  • A ground loop in your laptop can be another cause of this issue.
  • Installation of different sound output on the HP laptop can lead to this problem. Similarly, if you have selected an incorrect output device in the sound properties, speakers can act weirdly.

When you set the soundcard in the power saving mode, it can make such noises when the battery runs low. Changes in Windows settings may not support the speakers’ drivers and cause this problem. The speaker set up Window can be the source of this issue. A problem with the internal connection of the laptop affects the speakers. Activation of some sound enhancing plugins in the sound properties of the output service might have started the issue. The laptop’s amplifier can interrupt the working of the speakers. If these factors are not affecting the speakers, then connect with our experts to check whether the speakers are faulty or not.

Fix HP Pavilion Laptop Speakers Crackling

Solution 1

Change the sound format and disable sound enhancement to improve the quality of the sound on your laptop. Now change the power settings and update the audio driver. Visit the manufacturer’s website and search for the most recent and effective driver. If you find a suitable driver, then update it manually.

Solution 2

Uninstall the sound card and its drivers. Run a test of the speakers by playing any audio. Install the recommended drivers and latest updates to make the laptop hardware work better. Reboot windows.

Solution 3

Check if the power saving settings are correct. It is essential to install the updated version of BIOS on your laptop to resolve this issue. If the speakers are incompatible with your laptop, use different speakers. Make sure that you have connected the external speakers properly.

If you do not check the problem at the earliest, you can find your HP laptop speakers not working. Notably, the issue that HP Pavilion laptop speakers were crackling or making popping sounds has emerged. But your laptop can make scratchy noise, and it can remain static if you do not try to restore it.