Efficient Ways To Setup Printer Driver With HP Printer Install Wizard

After you purchase the HP printer, you need to install its driver software correctly to make it work. HP has a wonderful support feature called the HP printer install wizard to assist the Windows users regarding the printer setup. It helps in the proper installation of the printer driver on Windows 7, 8 and the newer versions.  In case the printer driver software is not present with the printer kit, you can download it by yourself using the printer install wizard of HP. Follow the installation process to install the driver and complete the printer setup successfully. But mistakes might happen while performing this task for which you can connect with our experts at HP Support.

Reasons For Installing Printer Driver Manually

When you try to install a printer or to fix problems with the device, it requires a fresh installation of the drivers. These are some of the cases when you need to install the printer driver manually:

  • Printer cables are not working properly.
  • Lost the driver CD that comes along with your printer.
  • Internet connection issues causing server connection errors.
  • Different printer installation error messages stopping the system processes.

As soon as you encounter any of these above-mentioned situations, go ahead and install the driver with HP printer install wizard.

Install Printer Driver Using HP Printer Install Wizard

Go through the given steps listed in the article to install the printer driver successfully.

Download Driver From Windows Update

  • Ensure that your laptop or desktop is ready to download driver software automatically.
  • Tap on the ‘change device installation settings’ from the list of results.
  • A new window called ‘device installation Settings’ will appear. Select Yes, and then tap on Save Changes.

Connect HP Printer To The PC

  • Connect the HP printer to your PC and start the driver installation process.
  • Use USB cable or wireless connection to connect both the devices.

Add A Printer Wizard

  • Open Windows Explorer and open ‘HP support assistant’
  • Search for HP printer install wizard and run it by double-clicking on the application.
  • Choose the option you prefer and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
  • Click on ‘finish’  when done.

If you find that your HP printer is still facing some difficulties to print documents, feel free to connect with our experts at HP Support. Our experts can guide you properly to install the printer driver using HP printer install wizard.